Filament Run-Out Sensor

Filament Run-Out Sensor

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After the launch of Pro2 Series, many Customers asked us about the possibility to upgrade from their N-series printer to the Pro2. As Raise3D mentioned earlier, upgrading N-Series printers to the Pro2 would be unrealistic, as they are essentially different printers. However, after analyzing this internally, Raise3D concluded that
there are some components that can be upgraded for the N-series to enhance your printing experience. 

This is one of the components that can be upgraded on the N-series

Installation Guide

The Tube Guides (Back Section) do not come with this product as shown, you will need to 3D print this part yourself. Below is a link to the downloadable .STL file

STL file for the Tube Guide Upgrade

Print large objects and material intensive pieces fearlessly. The Filament Run-Out Sensor add-on is a job-saving feature that detects when you've reached the end of your filament and saves your project until you can return to reload.

A must-have for manufacturing and production printers.

What's included?

The Filament Run-Out Sensor is designed for those who are looking to print intensively jobs and large object prints, fearlessly.

Eliminate the risk of unfinished prints and the waste of half-used filament spools. The Filament Run-Out Sensor monitors your filament and prevents unfinished prints and air printing¢?.

>For large volume prints that require multiple spools or for speciality filament options prone to breakage, the sensor will automatically detect when a material has run out and will pause your project until you to return. Combined with Raise3D print recovery for power outages, this add-on ensures continuous production with your N-Series system.

The Filament Run-Out Sensor detects filaments by using high-quality optical sensors compatible with: opaque, translucent, and transparent filaments. This optical sensor maintains constancy and tension without the interference of physical gears or grips, allowing compatibility with multiple material types including flexible filaments. (For translucent/transparent/flexible materials, only Raise3D Branded filament is verified.)

In the unlikely event of damage in the extruder board cable, the thermal protector is a safeguard to prevent an unmonitored increase in extruder temperature. The installation of the included thermal protector is recommended especially for users who operate the N-series 3D Printers exhaustively.

Printer Compatibility: Raise3D N1, Raise3D N2, Raise3D N2 Plus Filament

Size: 1.75mm

Filament Types: all Raise3D N-Series compatible materials, including: Opaque, Translucent, Transparent, and Flexible. (For translucent/transparent/flexible materials, only Raise3D Branded filament is verified.)