DSM Arnite ID3040 (PETP) Black | 2.85mm | 1kg
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DSM Arnite ID3040 (PETP) Black | 2.85mm | 1kg

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Arnite® ID 3040 combines high heat resistance, dimensional stability and outstanding strength with excellent processing characteristics. It's one of the very few pure PET filaments on the market today, and can be used to create everything from white goods connectors to automotive sensors. Arnite® ID 3040 is an open source polyethylene terephthalate (PET) filament material that has a higher melting point and lower moisture intake than traditional PETG filaments - enabling you to create more accurate 3D-printed parts at higher temperatures with low warpage and better strength and mechanical properties. Arnite® ID 3040 also gives you good fusion & interlayer strength with great surface qualities. Parts can be coated or painted easily, and can withstand weathering and moisture well.  Best of all, Arnite® ID 3040 doesn't just boost your manufacturing performance. It's also kind to the planet, thanks to its easy recyclability.


Giving new hope with revolutionary 3D printed prosthetics

When Michael Fine, lost his arm in a terrible car accident, things seemed very bleak. It looked even worse when he received his first prosthetic arm , it was expensive, heavy and basically unusable. It was his own son's ingenuity and passion for engineering,together with support from Somos®, that brought a surprising and heartwarming change.

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