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Creality Standard Resin Transparent White 1kg
Creality Standard Resin Transparent White 1kg
Creality Standard Resin Transparent White 1kg
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Creality Standard Resin Transparent White 1kg

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Compatible with the Creality Halot series printers

Creality Standard Resin: specialize in light source molding, fast speed, and stable model performance.

Key Features:

  • High precision
  • High-cost performance
  • Smooth finish
  • Good fluidity
  • Short curing time
  • Wide compatibility

Low Viscosity & Good Fluidity

This resin has good fluidity which can quickly infiltrate the model and then solidify. It improves the success rate by reducing resin release and adhesion. In addition, it helps cleaning the machine and model easier.


High printing accuracy

Low shrinkage rate, stable printing size, high printing accuracy, the model feels delicate with the smooth surface, and all details show up clearly.


Quick printing speed

Ensure the strength of the model and do not shrink excessively, increasing the printing speed while shortening the curing time, simultaneously improve the printing efficiency of the LCD machine as much as possible.

Molding surface hardness 85-88D
Absorption band 405nm
Viscosity 150-250MPa s
Net weight 500g
Shrinkage 3.62-4.24%
Printing speed 2-18 s/layer
Applicable models Most LCD/ DPL printers