BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse InnoSolve Natural Filament | 1.75mm | 500g
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BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse InnoSolve Natural Filament | 1.75mm | 500g

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Natural InnoSolve 0.5kg. 1.75mm diameter and approximately 90m long

InnoSolve (Polyvinyl Alcohol Compound) 3D printing material, which makes it extremely suitable for printing support structures in complex PLA and PET prints on a dual or triple-headed 3D printer. InnoSolve has a natural yellow-white colour.

InnoSolve is soluble in cold water and is not harmful to the environment: it is odourless and 100% biodegradable. 

New Ultrafuse Materials Profiles for Cura
Ultrafuse have been working hard on creating material profiles for Ultimaker Cura slicing software. Having the material profiles for each of the Ultrafuse filaments creates a seamless process when slicing your models as all settings will be preset. These files are available for download.
For more details on the material profiles visit Ultrafuse here

Download All files Ultrafuse Ultimaker 3D Printers All colors

It dissolves overnight in cold or warm tap water or in the dishwasher (1 cycle not recommended with PLA prints: PLA is susceptible to degradation under wet conditions and under higher temperatures). Store this monofilament in a sealed bag or container to prevent from getting sticky.

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