BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse InnoPET Natural | 2.85mm | 750g
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BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse InnoPET Natural | 2.85mm | 750g

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Natural InnoPET 0.75kg. 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long

Polyethene Terephthalate is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. It is used in fibres for clothing or in containers for liquids and food (e.g. water bottles). There is a lot of confusion in the market between PET and PETG. PETG is a modified PET that it's in an amorphous state when cooled. 

PET is gaining popularity due to it is easy to use and engineering properties. PET is also easily recyclable as it is one of the most recycled plastics in the world

Main features of Ultrafuse PET

  • No odour during processing
  • Low warping
  • No heated bed required
  • Great layer adhesion
  • Water tight (Based on print settings)

New Ultrafuse Materials Profiles for Cura
Ultrafuse have been working hard on creating material profiles for Ultimaker Cura slicing software. Having the material profiles for each of the Ultrafuse filaments creates a seamless process when slicing your models as all settings will be preset. 

PET is recommended as THE intermediate printing filament. It's versatility with great mechanical and thermal performance. Natural PET has the highest level of optical clarity in the plastics world.

Data Sheets

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