Additive Flow

Accelerating Innovation with Additive Manufacturing

Multi functional optimisation software with multi property capabilities enabled by a multi physics approach. For the variable multi parameter optimisation, simulation & production file generation of single and multi-material AM parts.

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Our Simple Workflow

Additive Flow’s software solutions streamline the inherent complexity of the digital workflow for additive manufacturing, with the capability to apply multiple user-defined parameters for simultaneous geometry and material optimisation. The dedicated algorithms within FormFlow do all of the complex work, and produce comprehensive and tangible results that deliver optimally performing parts cost effectively, sustainably and rapidly.

Part of the in-built intelligence within FormFlow is that its capabilities are not all or nothing. Users are able to apply as many or as few of the optimisation parameters as required for their specific application/s.


Users upload their 3D CAD model and define their functional requirements through our intuitive user-interface


In the background our smart algorithms will generate different solutions, these are then evaluated and optimised


These are cross-checked against available machine resources and adjusted accordingly so that designs are always production ready.


The user can export a production ready file or a report containing all data for offline analysis.

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