10 top sites for finding your next Resin STL Model

by Cameron Williams on December 07, 2021

Whether you’re looking for free designs or complex customised models, there are plenty of sites to explore. Here is a great selection:

  1. MyMiniFactory is a rich source of inspiration for new makers and 3D printing aficionados. All uploaded designs are tested by community members and the site encourages collaboration amongst users. Designers can also own their own store within the site to sell their models.
  2. Thingiverse has the largest selection of free STL files with no registration necessary. This site is suitable for makers of all levels and hosts a vibrant community of designers and enthusiasts.
  3. Pinshape is a marketplace where designers can sell or share their creations as well as choose from a huge selection of free and premium models to download. Here you’ll find a wide range of categories including toys, puzzles and famous characters.
  4. Cults hosts thousands of free and premium models with photos of the final print so you can see exactly how each piece will look. Cults is home to an active community and also enables users to request a customised design from a professional.
  5. Youmagine has thousands of open-source templates so you can modify designs to your specific needs. It also has a space for community members to curate collections to inspire each other for their next creation.
  6. 3DShook offers a subscription package for complex and higher quality models and also access to their CAD tools. With many categories to choose from and loads of free designs too, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes.
  7. NASA offer a range of free space-related models for you to download and print. Designs include the Hubble space telescope, Apollo landing sites and famous asteroids.
  8. Thangs.com is the fastest growing 3D model community. It has a geometric search tool that enables you to use your model to find related designs and unlimited upload limits.
  9. STLfinder provides a search engine for 3D models so you can find the specific design you need without searching through multiple individual websites.
  10. Yeggi is another search engine with more filters like free/paid files and recent uploads so you can fine-tune your search. Create an account on Yeggi to save designs you like and get notified about new models.

Have Fun!